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CANNACONSUMER Magazine is a monthly subscription-based digital magazine with an exclusive focus on recreational and medical Cannabis Consumers that delivers convenient insights, informative articles, research, education, travel, and convention information.

Heather is Editor-In-Chief of CannaConsumer Magazine and CEO of Cool Connections cannabis travel, tourism & events. She has been involved in cannabis since 1999 and has been a patient and caregiver.

Ron Mullins is a writer/activist

Carol Holloway-Dyer is in the process of launching cannabis happy parties, for 50+ over, in California’s Central Valley. She will also be joining the CannaConsumer Magazine family in our new “Ask Carol” column, beginning in May 2017.

Charlie Compuesto is a world traveler and cannabis activist. He is an advisor to the California Cannabis Entrepreneurs Association and is working to promote cannabis as a sustainable solution to fossil fuel. Charlie will move, next month, to the Cannabis Travel Section where he will write his own column about cannabis tourism around the world.

Dr. Adam D. Richardson is an analytical chemist with over 20 years of experience in the natural products and biomedical research fields.  His graduate work in analytical and medicinal chemistry focused on anti-cancer natural product discovery by isolating novel, terpene-derived chemical compounds with bioactive properties. This training provided extensive expertise in analytical chemistry and small-molecule characterization, including mass spectrometry (LC/MS/MS, GC/MS), chromatography (HPLC, TLC), and many other techniques. Dr. Richardson received post-doctoral training in cellular biology at NCI-Designated Cancer Center at SBP Medical Discovery Institute (La Jolla). Here he applied his analytical chemistry skill set to analyzing metabolic pathways in cancer, including fatty acid and cholesterol biosynthesis. Dr. Richardson then established his own research laboratory at SPB, focusing on the role of mitochondria and the TCA cycle in tumor development. During this time, Dr. Richardson also founded and established the Cancer Metabolism Shared Resource within the NCI-Designated Cancer Center at SBP. Now Dr. Richardson brings his passion for natural product therapeutics and expertise in biomedical research to AEGIS to help develop cannabis-based products for cancer, epilepsy, and other diseases.

Patrick Kinser is the founder and Chief Compliance Officer at Golden State Compliance, a California company that practices regulatory compliance for small and commercial sized marijuana businesses. He holds a B.S. in Crop and Soil Science from Michigan State University and a Juris Doctor from American University’s law school. With 10+ years of active duty service as an Infantry Marine and four combat tours, he provides a worldly perspective on legislative and policy issues affecting veterans.

Dale Schafer has been practicing law, in the State of California, for more than 30 years and is a pioneer (entering in 1999) of the California Medical Cannabis Movement. Mr. Schafer currently offers educational workshops, of the California cannabis regulations, and consultations for cannabis business owners as well as cannabis investors.