Raphael Mechoulam inspires students interested in studying cannabis

Photo by Nat Stein

This past weekend was the first-ever international conference on the science of weed held at the new Institute of Cannabis Research (ICR).

Headquartered at Colorado State University at Pueblo, the ICR conference lasted three days, had 550 attendees from 10 countries and 21 states, and featured about 75 presentations. (Maybe the scientists can add this up more precisely, but we calculated a lot of learning during the conference.)

Founded less than a year ago, in June 2016, the ICR is already conducting many cutting-edge studies on the effects of cannabis and cannabinoids on everything from Alzheimer’s Disease in mice, to sociological trends, to the impact of regulation. Before the conference, Jen Mullen, the interim managing director of the ICR, was clear: “Our mission is not advocacy; our mission is research and education.” To continue reading: http://www.csindy.com/coloradosprings/raphael-mechoulam-inspires-students-interested-in-studying-cannabis/Content?oid=5370160