California Journal A new kind of L.A. coffee house welcomes pot smokers

Doug Dracup, 31, proprietor of Hitman Coffee, a members-only gallery on South La Brea Avenue, with a signature $2,000 Hitman Glass rig for smoking cannabis concentrates. He is also founded Chalice California, a summertime music, art and hash festival in San Bernardino County. (Robin Abcarian/Los Angeles Times)

Doug Dracup and I are standing in front of a glass cabinet in his new gallery on South La Brea Avenue. We are looking at what appear to be handblown glass fruit — a big pineapple, strawberries, a bunch of grapes — but which are actually pipes.

Really, really expensive pipes. For smoking cannabis concentrates such as hash or shatter or wax or budder or rosin, many of which did not exist until recently.

The fruit set, made by renowned Humboldt County glass artist Scott Rosinski, is not for sale, Dracup said, but if it were, it would probably cost six figures.

My jaw dropped a little, but I should not have been surprised. There is so much about the cannabis world that is unexpected, and costly. The paraphernalia of my youth — Zig Zag rolling papers, alligator roach clips, shoebox lids for separating leaf from seeds — are laughably quaint now. To continue reading: