Not Sure What to Do for 4/20 This Year? Here are Some Options

Photo via The Marijuana Times

Every April brings with it the hopes and dreams of every cannabis lover – a celebration of everything cannabis on the 20th of the month.

It’s widely agreed upon that the tradition was rooted in the 70’s, when a group of stonerswould meet after school for a toke in the parking lot at 4:20pm. TIME magazine reports that one of the boys in the cypher knew the bassist of The Grateful Dead, helping the term ‘420’ to go viral among the stoner population.

At first, it was just California Deadheads in the 90’s using the term. Then, High Times magazine, the stoner bible at the time, published one of their flyers promoting a ‘420’ meetup.

Once High Times endorsed the term, the fate of April 20th was forever sealed as the official-unofficial cannabis holiday. To continue reading: