Chatting With Chef Dave Hadley: Chopped Winner and Cannabis Connoisseur

Photo via Leafly

Originally from New Jersey, 24-year-old Dave Hadley moved to Colorado to pursue his culinary dreams and experience life in both the cannabis and restaurant worlds. He’s an advocate for cannabis legalization, as well as a talented chef constantly creating delicious dishes. In addition to serving as sous chef at Denver restaurant The Preservery, Hadley helped found a side business called Craft Concentrates through which he created cannabis-infused edibles lines before turning his attention back to The Preservery. He continues to create bespoke cannabis-infused meals for friends and events in his spare time. His recent victory on the popular Food Network show Chopped marked the first time a cannabis chef was featured on the show.

We had the opportunity to talk with Hadley about his recent experience on Chopped, where he sees cannabis’s place in the culinary arts, and the inspiration that goes into his flavorful food. Here’s what he had to say. To continue reading