Retirement Village Members Learn the Basics at ‘Cannabis 101’ Class

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Residents living at Sound Vista Village, a retirement and assisted living community in Washington, attended an educational seminar on the basics of medical cannabis. “Cannabis 101” answers the questions that beginners have regarding medical cannabis. Seniors at Sound Vista Village, are eager to learn how to safely and effectively consume cannabis products and the ways they can benefit from medicinal cannabis.

Tracy Willis is director of corporate development at Village Concepts, which runs Sound Vista Village located at Gig Harbor, Washington.  As part of their expanding activities program, Willis looked at a variety of educational areas. According to Willis, one of the questions that the residents of Sound Vista Village asked him most was how to approach cannabis.

At first, the residents of Sound Vista Village were reluctant to purchase cannabis products. Many more of the residents showed interest after watching an educational video about how CBD can alleviate tremors. “We put it out there and nobody would sign up—they were all really curious, the executive director said she would see people walking by the sign-up sheet and (waiting) for someone else,” Willis told the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Ultimately the video is the thing that broke the dam. “I don’t know who went first but after one person did it was a full bus.” To continue reading