Now You Can Legally Smoke Weed on a Luxury Tour Bus in Aspen

Photo via Town&

Aspen has a new place to smoke weed—and it’s extra fancy.

This past weekend, a cannabis-friendly tour bus hit the streets of America’s most luxurious ski town. And it’s not just because Aspenites have been clamoring for the chance to drive and toke. The “mobile cannabis lounge” is a solution to the problem of where to smoke your legal weed.

While it’s perfectly legal to buy pot these days from Colorado dispensaries, it’s illegal to smoke it in public. “A major issue facing consumers is that they are unable to legally and responsibly consume cannabis outside their own homes,” says Punit Seth, co-founder and CEO of Toast, the new cannabis cigarette brand that organized the bus.

After “a lot of conversations with city attorneys and city clerks,” the bus launched in Aspen on February 10. To continue reading: