CannaRoyalty CEO Marc Lustig On What it Takes To Build a Successful Cannabusiness

Photo via Civilized

Marc Lustig is CEO of CannaRoyalty (OTC: CNNRF, CNSX: CRZ), a strategic investment company focused on the cannabis industry. He talked to us about the opportunities and lessons learned from the ever-evolving cannabis industry.

How did you get into the cannabis space?
The opportunity to build something myself – instead of as a bystander – was too great to ignore and made possible by the generational groundswell of positive attitudes and understanding towards cannabis. I have a background in health science and capital markets both of which have helped.

Walk us through a normal day.
I live in Vancouver but our head office is on the east coast. So I get up every day at obscene hours and work on things with my east coast-based partners. The “problem” is I work right through on Pacific time hours with our west coast partners and invested companies so I pull a lot of hours in all 7 days. Scattered amidst that is time parenting my five very active kids. To continue reading