Paging Dr. Spicer: Cannabis Could Help Fight Opioid Abuse And Save Us Billions, Actually

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On Friday, a new report from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) revealed that 25% of U.S. overdoses are due to heroin, a Schedule 1 drug to which an estimated one million Americans are addicted, many of whom escalate to this cheaper option from prescription opioid dependence, which has millions more in its clutches. The day before, White House press secretary Sean Spicer seemed to link the country’s massive opioid epidemic with the rising popularity and use of recreational cannabis, another drug on our nation’s highest-risk Schedule 1 list (if not without controversy).

What the secretary and others might not know, however, is that experts think cannabis could offer serious relief to the soaring number of mostly low- or middle-income rural and swing-state voters now suffering under the opioid epidemic, 91 of whom die every day. According to recent studies, the plant may even have the potential not only to curb addiction and save lives, but also to save billions for American taxpayers (if not drug companies). To continue reading